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Deal Benny Out

Benny draws to an inside straight
he says throw me three more down
He clips a grin and that cheap cigar
He takes a greasy look around
He don't see the fates that be
they're toeing up on his door
pumps and hose and lace and hate
and a six round forty four

She got a forty four

the room erupts in fear and lust
when Benny's buddies hit the floor
he slips the pot inside his belt
Then turns to what they're jumpin' for
There she stands his fate in hand
a reaper in a satin gown
shoulders bear and a deadly stare
she's come to put Benny down

put him down
put him down
she'll put Benny down

Now whiskey beer and gin vermouth
are a lousy compromise
He don't know what he did that night
but he knows it's all in her eyes
Funny thing of the world it seems
ain't nobody escapes alive
some if us just find it tough
to make it to the finish line

To the finish line

Now Bennys on his feet and gone
He's quick for a drunken slob
Damned to find that back door locked
and his friends won't help at all
the first two rounds they brought him down
but she used the other four
Benny lies in a pool of blood
propped up against the kitchen door

Against the kitchen door

Now burning passion hate and shame
recede into the night
they don't chase her not a man 'cause
they knew that she was right
They fish the pot from his bloody belt
man they don't mess about
the dealer says boys what's the game
and I guess we'll deal him out.

Deal him out
deal him out
we'll deal Benny out
deal him out
deal him out
We'll deal Benny out

© 2016, all rights reserved.