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Forlorn Hope

There she stands on the brow of the hill
Cold gray stone in the night wind chill
Soon you'll know if you've got the will
They say we'll march come dawn

Rally round' boys let the fires burn low
Cadence of a march while the drum heads roll
Steel your nerves or steel your soul
Boots on soft green ground

Cannon fire tears through the clear dawn air
Shot shell screams and men disappear
You can't see through the smoke and the fear
Still the line grinds on

Battery right lays hard to the wall
Battery left runs chain shot squalls
Your in the middle just ignore it all
Fear grows dim with time

Oh the breach lies open like a beast to fill
Guns lie quiet at the base of the hill
The scorch between are the yards that chill
Boots on burned black ground
Oh boots on burned black ground

(Battle lull)

Thick stone cracks and lead shot whines
The parapet opens with a musket line
Damp boots march mean your still alive
How'd you come so far

Unto the breach over body and bone
Bayonets fixed to the forlorn hope
One more time to the dragons throat
Boots on Godless ground

Oh carry your lust through the battle and fray
Let ranks judge they will anyway
All you feel is alive today
Numb to the Godless ground
Oh numb to the Godless ground

(Three days Pillaging)

© 2016, all rights reserved.