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Leave Better Than You Are

I stood before Jesus,
With a twelve string guitar
Working it hard
Like a fool or a star
Slamming that tambourine
Upside the wall

There's my good buddy Joe
With no rhythm at all
I'd give him one too
But he can't find the wall
He sings out of fear
Which ain't the same as in tune

And everywhere I look
I see concern in the room

There's a prophet on every corner round here
Reading doom off of every page
The lepers run points
From an old gin joint
It's a place that I used to play
It's better than here, at least they got beer
And a little Torah tacked on the wall
And there’s a sign on the door says everyone come
Everyone come as you are.

Don't look at me like that
I just play the songs
I got called to this gig
Never said I'd come along
It's nearly dawn now so I think
It's time to go.

So let's wrap the set up
And pack up our things
Call up our donkey
And loosen the reins
Load all the mics in the bags
With that electric guitar

Oh I hear, I hear.
Stay right where you are

I stood before Jesus
With blood in my veins
Cold like the rivers
Of the south Jordan plains
Fearful to move
But terrified I cut short the show

There's my good buddy Joe
Yeah he stand there in awe
There's doubts in my mind
When I see him fall
He lays in the sand
And I think he converts on the spot

And everywhere I look
I see all that I'm not

But there's a soap box on every street around here
With a crazy man calling the tune
I can't believe I'm still standin' here
Sweatin' out blood in this room
He turns to me
Like my fears a plea
I'm caught with my hand in the jar
And there’s a sign over the table says everyone come,
come and leave better than you are

Now I stand before Jesus
Bared to the bone
Ridin' my guitar
And singing my songs
We switched up the words
But left the melodies of pain and desire

There's my good buddy Joe
Who first got the call
Now he cares for the weary
Lepers and all
I play these waltzes
And grin when the old cripples dance

And there's a sign on my guitar
Come and leave better than you are

© 2012, all rights reserved.