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Light the Beacon

Carry me away on the wind
Around the world and back again
Call the sand storms as they rise
To grind the blinders from my eyes

Carry me, on the sea
I'd like to sail there wild and free
But I suppose I'd be alone
Then never mind just bring me home

Light the beacon on the shore
I'll never leave to go and roam no more
Call the sailors back to land
This is where I choose to make my stand

Carry me over the trees
To see the world play through the leaves
I can feel the warm wind blow
But I don't think I'd call it home

Carry me with the tide
On the breakers I will ride
Bring me back from things unreal
No matter what I say I feel

You never win until you loose
That's just the way we pay our dues
The world is big and life is long
It's not too hard, to get it wrong
This is all that I could find
I guess it's all that I could say was mine

When I'm old and Grey and frail
I know you'll love me just as well
So I don't see why I should roam
You and the Lord call me home
Tonight we'll wish upon a star
And we'll be grateful for who we are

© 2012, all rights reserved.